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Questions we get asked often here at Firstnetserv

Yes you can upgrade your package on the fly with a one click “update” button found in the client area.

The C-panel is free to everyone who purchased any hosting package from our shared hosting package selection.

Shared hosting in short is where a main server emulates multiple child servers with the help of virtualisation software such as LVM, VMware and such. This allows one server to be split up into multiple smaller instances all “sharing” the same hardware.

However here at Firstnetserv we do things different. With the implementation of cloud Linux OS across multiple servers we are able to dedicate resources like ram, IOPS among others and give you the power you need and the availability to upgrade anytime.

If you have any problems please create a ticket with a detailed description of the issue and one of our support team will be in contact within 1 working day.

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