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For over 30 years now, they have been support services to solve all washroom problems. they have a wide array of janitorial services, workwear supplies, and washroom supplies, which they deliver all over the UK. their warehouse has a wide-range of commercial products, which include toilet rolls, soap refills, paper hand towels and embroided work uniforms for a varity of industries.

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next.js landing website
next.js landing website

I recruited a small team to meticulously sift through a whopping 54,000 products stored in the old warehouse/ecommerce system. Our goal was to incorporate 20,000 modern and relevant products into the new warehouse software and website. It was quite a task, but we painstakingly reviewed each product's data, ensuring that we added images and presented accurate product descriptions on both the new warehouse management software and website.

To make our job more efficient, our talented backend developer crafted some impressive Python scripts. These nifty scripts were designed to analyze the product names and identify attributes like sizes, colors, and product grouping. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to automate a substantial portion of the process, effortlessly integrating the necessary settings into the website via excel sheet import.

I took on some marketing responsibilities that involved a mix of tasks. From crafting engaging emails and managing social media accounts to designing eye-catching flyers and catalogs, I delved into various avenues to promote our products or services. It was an exciting and creative endeavor that allowed me to connect with our audience through different channels and make a meaningful impact on our marketing efforts.

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